Legion Beta Initial Impressions

I got a hold of a beta invite to World of Warcraft: Legion.  I’ve been debating how much content I want to spoil for myself pre-launch, so I’ve only done some of the intro content for classes I don’t have 100’s for.  Specifically, I did the following:

  • Demon Hunter intro quest chain
  • Broken Shore scenario, both Alliance and Horde versions
  • Elemental Shaman artifact quest
  • Windwalker Monk artifact quest

I’ve been debating whether to try out any of the new questing zones, but I figure that I’m probably going to be running through them enough when the game goes live that I don’t want to get sick of them now (plus, I’m not sure if all the cinematics and audio are in place).  I may continue to try out a couple of the artifact quests for various classes.

Demon Hunters are really cool, if only for the double jump and dashing abilities.  They feel like a mixture between a monk and a warlock. The intro quest itself was pretty fun, although the lack of cinematics on the beta left me a little confused to some of the specifics of what’s going on plot-wise.  Probably not going to make a DH my main (probably Druid again), but I’ll definitely roll a DH alt when it goes live.

The Broken Shore scenario was also fun, but once again without the cinematics it was a little hard to tell what exactly happens at the end, but you can infer a lot from the NPC dialogue and quests afterwords.  I can see how playing this scenario could get tiresome if you’re rolling multiple alts, especially given that it doesn’t give a ton of XP like the Dark Portal in Warlords did.  But I discovered last night that you can just AFK, come back 20 minutes later, and the whole thing runs completely on auto-pilot.

I was a little bummed to find that the lore-heavy quest chain that takes place immediately after the Broken Shore has been temporarily removed from the Beta, as the plan is that this chain will only be available in the 7.0 pre-patch timeframe.  Looks like I’ll have to wait a couple more weeks for that.

So far I’ve done two artifact quests, The Fist of Ra-Den (Elemental Shaman) and Fists of the Heavens (Windwalker Monk).  Neither one really blew me away, but that could be because the characters/places they involved didn’t really interest me.  They also didn’t really go anywhere new/unique, just had you retread some locations from MoP and Cataclysm.  I might try a couple more during the beta, although each one does require going through the Broken Shore and other mandatory quests, so I may just wait until it goes live.

Overall, I probably haven’t been this excited about a WoW expansion since Catacylsm.  Not sure if it will capture the magic the game had back in the TBC/WotLK days, but it feels like the closest thing we’ve had in 6+ years.


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