SeaFall Spoiler-Free Updated Impressions

People who pre-ordered SeaFall directly from Plaid Hat Games are getting their shipping notifications, so I figured now was a good time to write up my updated impressions of SeaFall after having played a couple more games of it. As like before, I will keep things spoiler-free.


SeaFall Spoiler-Free Initial Impressions

SeaFall’s general release has been delayed to October due to customs issues, but about 150 copies were air shipped out early for sale at Gen Con with some of those copies set aside for reviewers. Reviewers have started to trickle out initial impressions, and impressions have been rather mixed. With such a small sample size of people out there that have actually played it, and being one of those lucky few to get a copy, I was motivated to write up my own spoiler-free initial impressions of the game.